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Ghost Block Vineyard

The Ghost Block vineyard, nestled on a gently sloping knoll on the north edge of Yountville, is a highly sought-after vineyard composed of 18 acres of unique, rarely found, exposed vertical bedding of tertiary volcanics. Planted solely to Cabernet Sauvignon and certified organic, it is the crown jewel of the family’s 650 planted acres.

The story of Ghost Block traces back to the early 1980s when Andy Hoxsey, the current owner, enjoyed a cold beer at the iconic local Yountville bar, Pancha’s. After a day of working in his grandfather’s vineyards, Andy struck up a conversation with a retired veteran who asked if he farmed the vineyard next to the Yountville cemetery. Confirming this, Andy was taken aback when the conversation took an unexpected turn.

Under the influence of one too many beers, the veteran shared a tale of having seen a ghost leaving the Pioneer Cemetery, traversing through the vineyard which he referred to as the cemetery field, and ascending the Yountville hillside. This apparition was believed to be the spirit of George C. Yount, the founder of Yountville, who had planted the first grapevine in Napa Valley in 1839. According to the veteran, George C. Yount’s ghost haunted that vineyard, making its way to the hill’s summit to oversee the town he had founded.

The Story Behind Ghost Block Vineyards

Wines from Ghost Block Vineyard

2019 ghost block vineyard cabernet sauvignon

This has a nice smoldering edge to the core of steeped blackberry and black currant fruit.

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