Oakville Winery

In 1877 the Oakville Winery became the 9th bonded winery in California, and today, this same winery is the home of our Napa Wine Company, where our family makes all of our organically-grown wines. We are proud to be the only single-digit bonded winery still in existence in California, and our Oakville Winery wines pay homage to this history and heritage. Under the direction of Winemaker Lynn Watanabe, the impeccably-made Oakville Winery Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel are sourced primarily from our Pelissa Vineyard directly behind our winery in the heart of the acclaimed Oakville AVA.

2019 oakville winery malbec

Plush and pleasant on the palate, offering lush flavors of blackberry and dark ripe cherries.

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