Lynn Watanabe

Oakville Winery Winemaker

Lynn held the position of Laboratory Director at Napa Wine Company from 2002 until her retirement in 2022. During her tenure, she oversaw all laboratory functions, including chemical analysis, quality control during bottling, the implementation of new equipment and protocols, and microbiological tests. Lynn’s dedication to her work brought her in close contact with clients, where she provided timely and accurate analysis results and offered assistance with data interpretation. Her collaborative approach with client winemakers fostered a rich exchange of knowledge, contributing to an educational and dynamic environment within the winery.

In addition to her role as Laboratory Director, Lynn served as the winemaker for the Pelissa family’s Oakville Winery brand. She found great fulfillment in being part of a family-owned business, especially in an industry where mergers and acquisitions were becoming increasingly common. Lynn appreciated the unwavering support and respect she received from the Napa Wine Company staff, emphasizing the family’s genuine appreciation for their work. She expressed her satisfaction in witnessing the fifth generation, Kendall and Morgaen Hoxsey, actively involved in the business, ensuring its continuity and success.

Now, in her well-deserved retirement as of 2022, Lynn can reflect on her accomplished career and contributions to the wine industry, while enjoying a well-deserved break from her professional responsibilities.

Oakville Winery