In-Home Tastings: We’ll Come to You!


Imagine the anticipation building as you await the arrival of the “Ghost on Your Block” team, ready to transform your humble abode into a haven of wine exploration and culinary delight. From the moment they step through your door, you sense the excitement in the air, knowing that an evening of unforgettable experiences lies ahead.  As glasses clink and laughter fills the air, conversations flow effortlessly, weaving tales of vineyards and vintages. With “Ghost on Your Block,” the only requirement is a shared passion for wine and a desire to create unforgettable moments. So gather your friends, we will uncork your favorites, and let the adventure begin!

  • Emphasis on exceptional wine
  • Customized to your wine preferences
  • Minimum of 10 guests, one case purchase per couple
  • $500 travel fee waived with minimum case purchase
  • Tastings last 2 hours
  • Mutually agreed date

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