New on the block

Spring is here and optimism fills the valley due to much needed rainfall that was evenly spread throughout this winter. After three consecutive years of below average precipitation, we’re thrilled to see that all vineyards have already reached the valley average. We even had the rare occurrence of snow blanketing The Vacas and Mayacamas last week! Our soil profile is filled with moisture, giving our vines the benefit of easily accessible water right before budbreak occurs. The storms in November conveniently came through soon after planting our mixture of cover crop.

We refer to this mix as “The Hoxsey Mix”, since Andrew Hoxsey strategically selected each component to bring numerous benefits to all of his vineyards. The Hoxsey Mix is composed of Winter Peas, Oats, Purple Vetch, Bell Beans, and Mustard. Each species within this mix serves a specific purpose that provides an array of natural benefits to both the soil and the vines, along with being visually stunning. Some key benefits include disease and pest suppression, nutrient addition/redistribution, and increase in biodiversity (both above and below ground). Continual incorporation of this insightful blend over many years has greatly enhanced soil health on all of our properties.

We’re currently observing sap flow on all of our recently pruned vines. However, budbreak will likely occur later than last year due to a cooler winter.

6th Generation

Andrew W. Pickett and Jack R. Onysko, the 6th generation of the family joined Elizabeth Diana who is the eldest of our 6th Generation family members.  Wishing a congratulations to Jake and Morgaen Pickett, along with Jeff and Kendall Onysko. It’s delightful to see the next generation already exploring our winery and vineyards!